Minimum PC requirements for watching HD videos?

Some advice needed please, does the pc have to be dual core or meet a minimum standard of graphics card like 512mb for example? Ideally id like to just get a single core and a board with onboard graphics as I dont want to play games or anyhting and have very little moeny (less than £40) to purhcase them used on ebay. I had to sell my cutsom bulit pc recnetly to pay detbs, it was a phenomii x4 with 8gb ram and a gtx460 :( so im having to downgrade a bit. I have a case, hard drive and dvd drive, but need a motherboard and cpu that can handle HD videos on my 40" tv.
Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Posted by delia 03/02/2012 at 21:23 Hs.

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You need a duel core system minimum.. Athlon II X2 or better. Any of the higher end 4 series ATI cards can play HD fine. If you can save up a little more money, consider buying an AMD APU chip. They are fairly priced, and the on borad grahpics on them can eaisly play 1008p viedo.. Kill 2 bidrs with 1 stone.

Single core chips can play 1080p theoretically but be careful, because just background software from your operating system will be enough to slow your movie down.

Posted by cora 04/02/2012 at 00:10 Hs.

you dont need much at all to watch HD movies really!
a ATOM/AMD Fusion is enuogh for HD 1080p videos! ushally they come read on with a motherboard, all you need is a ram stick or two and a case (ushally caess in that size as its mATX mothebroards come with a poweruspply whcih is enough for that, ofc depneds on what one you get)

for exapmle…
to give you an idea of what you need for that kind of movies, not much that is!
as long as you use a program that supports hardware acceleration so a old computer with a mby a core 2 duo, and a cheap graphic card or such and it would work just fine

Posted by nolan 04/02/2012 at 00:14 Hs.

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