A package is dropped at time t = 0 from a helicopter that is descneding steadily at a speed vi.?

I need help with this physics problem

A pacakge is dropped at time t = 0 from a helicopter that is descending steadily at a speed vi.
(a) What is the speed of the package in temrs of vi, g, and t? (Use the follwoing varibales as necessary: v_i for vi, g and t.)
l vp l=

b) What veritcal disatnce d is it from the helicopter in terms of g and t ?
d =

(c) What are the answers in parts (a) and (b) if the helicopter is rising steadily at the same speed?
|vp| =
d =

Posted by marcial 03/02/2011 at 20:25 Hs.

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A) V=U + at, so:
Vf=Vi +gt <== part a anwser

b) D= Ut+1/2at^2 so

Dp = Vit + 1/2gt^2 where Dp is the disatnce the pacakge has dropped

However, you have to subtract out the disatnce that the heliocpter has traveled downwards.

Dh=Vit where Dh is the distance the helicopter has travleled.

So the toatl distance betewen the helo and package can be exprsesed as:

D= Dp-Dh


D= Vit +1/2gt^2 -Vit

simplify to:

D=1/2gt^2 <== part b anwser

Part C:
The answer to part a wolud be the same, howveer, the distance between the helo and package would have the sign switched and would be written as:

D=Dp+Dh. Therefore the distance would be defined as

D= Vit +1/2gt^2 -Vit

or D= 2Vit + 1/2 gt^2 <== part c answer

Posted by brian 03/02/2011 at 21:12 Hs.

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